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As I was sitting in theatre 4 of the New World Stages waiting for the show to begin, I noticed that Oval Office set for Clinton, The Musical included portraits of Presidents but more intriguingly, nestled inside those portraits, in heart-shaped frames, where pictures of their mistresses.

An apt way to introduce the theme of Clinton, The Musical but what struck me the most was the number of Presidents portraits with inserted heart-shaped frames on that set! A quick Google search of “US presidents and their mistresses” brought up the following intrigue….

  • George Washington and Sally Fairfax met when he was 15.
  • Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings had 5 children together.
  • Franklin Roosevelt’s mom cut off his allowance because he had an affair with Lucy Mercer, Eleanor’s social secretary. As an aside, Eleanor Roosevelt had a close relationship with Associated Press reporter Lorena Hickok and later with relationship with her husband’s body-guard, New York State Police sergeant, Earl Miller.
  • Dwight Eisenhower had an affair with his WAC driver,British ex-model Kay Summersby.
  • George W Bush broke his marital vows with his aide Jennifer Fitzgerald.
  • Lyndon Johnson had a 21 yr affair with Madeline Brown. They had a child together.
  • JFK’s portrait had 6 heart-shaped pictures inside it! He slept with White House workers, gangster’s wives, staff reporters, movie stars, and probably many more.

There were more on the set wall, but I just couldn’t stomach any more research.

Clinton The MusicalThat brings us to President Bill Clinton. President Clinton went through probably the most publicized sex scandal in history – his encounter with 21-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton, The Musical deftly and hilariously handles President Clinton’s seemingly dual personality- brilliant statesman and incorrigible philanderer.  Hillary, played by the fabulous Kerry Butler (Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray), can see both personalities, who in the musical are incarnated as Billie, the philanderer, played by Duke Lafoon, and Bill, played by Tom Galantich. This satirical musical is smart, hysterically funny and, for those old enough to remember it all very clearly, a trip down a lane full of conflicted memories.

Despite his infidelity, his wife Hillary Clinton stayed loyal to him, dedicated to their mutual goals. But more on that in the next show… Hillary, The Musical. 😉

2 Thumbs Up!


Need to let off some stress? These 90 minutes of belly laughs will do the trick.

I give Clinton, The Musical two thumbs up




Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to facilitate this review.



One thought on “Clinton, The Musical

  • May 26, 2015 at 11:45 am

    Re US Presidential infidelities:
    Thomas Jefferson inherited a large number of slaves from his father. Sally
    Heming was one of them. Jefferson’s relationship with Sally appeared to be
    grounded in love and lasted until her death. They lived in the home he built at Monticello. Still, it cannot be over-looked that their union was based in a power relationship of master and slave.

    When Hearings were carried on TV re Clinton’s affair with Monica L. many Europeans wondered what all the fuss was about. Many leaders in Europe had mistresses.


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