Digging Out After the Snowstorm Jonas

If you park on the street in New York City, like we do, you will eventually have to dig out your car after a snow storm. Although the city has suspended alternate side of the street rules until Monday, February 1st, allowing you the week to let nature do some of the work, if you want to use your car during the week, you gotta dig.

Now, I find shoveling an enjoyable task. It’s a great workout and for me, a peaceful process. BUT, it can be  a daunting task with the levels of snow NYC received after Snowstorm Jonas, along with the added insult of the snowplow pushing all the street snow against your car making a snow barricade.  Grrrr. Thankfully, our doorman came by with the snowblower and did in 5 minutes what could have taken us a few hours. With that task done, we can enjoy the respite from ASP rules.


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