Release: VIM VIGOR DANCE presents World Premiere of SEPARATI

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY presents the World Premiere of Separati at Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center, 29 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, from January 28-30, 2016.  Performances: Thurs-Sat at 7:30pm. Tickets are $25 for general seating and are available at Dance Still

Separati, a new work by Shannon Gillen, in collaboration with the performers, features dancers Jason Cianciulli, Martin Durov, Laja Field, Lavinia Vago, and Emma Whiteley, set to original scores by Martin Durov in collaboration with Gillen, with costumes by Joey Blaha, set design by JC Machine and Tool company, and lighting design by Barbara Samuels. The running time is 60 minutes.  

Separati enters the turbid psychic space of highway travel and anonymous companionship. Caught up at a midway point, five characters travel through the past, present and dark hallucinatory projections of the future. Stilled periods of waiting juxtapose wild physical bouts of surreal movement, as reality gives way to the imagination. What is the distance between where we have come from and where we want to go? Between what happens to us and who we are? Can the space between bodies and ideas ever be joined? And if not, can we exist in the middle ground of separation?

Separati was co-commissioned by New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble’s AiR® 2015 Program, a residency providing artists with an incubator for collaborative exchange.

 SSEPARATI dance stillhannon Gillen is the founder, artistic director and choreographer of New York’s visionary new dance company VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY. Gillen is one of NYC’s most sought-after choreographers with an established and passionate audience following and commissions at prestigious national and international venues. In a 2013 Brooklyn Magazine article that named her as one of city’s top twenty artists, Gillen was championed for her “emotionally compelling” work that “transcends the things it references and achieves a sort of platonic ideal of intelligent and elevated movement.” And L Magazine later wrote that Gillen’s dancers “force you to the edge of your seat, breath held, hands clenched.”  

Launched in 2015, VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY is a contemporary dance-theater company dedicated to creating and performing original works by Shannon Gillen, elevating and nurturing the professional lives of young dance artists, and to cultivating public interest in the dance-theater art form by finding innovative ways to combine heroic physicality, electric emotional life and cinematic imagery.

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GK ArtsCenter is the newest cultural center in New York City boasting four 2,000 sq. foot, column free studios along with a 300-seat theater that doubles as fifth studio.  Located in DUMBO Brooklyn, GK ArtsCenter is the home to the Gelsey Kirkland Ballet and Academy.  Performing artists use the space to create, rehearse and teach in the incomparable studios one stop from Manhattan.

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