A Timeline of 215 Years of NYC Home Architecture

Surrounded by water, and eager to live close to their bustling city center, New Yorkers have had no other way, through the decades, than to build their homes towards the sky.

While a lot has been said about the architectural history and design evolution of skyscrapers, NYC houses – single-family residences – have always been few and far between in Manhattan. To see Federalist, Colonial, Arts and Crafts, and Tudor Revival style properties, you typically have to leave the center and admire the homes that lie in the outer boroughs. Historic brownstone rowhouses, elegant townhouses, and beautiful mansions are scattered across neighborhoods in all NYC’s boroughs, and feature the widest variety of designs and styles.

To get a better picture of what creative NYC architects have crafted during the centuries, RentCafe put together a slideshow: this visual journey that will take you through 215 years of home architecture in NYC.

 The images are courtesy of Google Maps Street View and the valuable property data – such as year built, no. of beds/baths, square feet, last known sale price and date, and more – is provided by PropertyShark. Thanks to Georgiana Mihaila @ RentCafe.


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