NYC Area Beaches

Most people wouldn’t think of New York City as a beach city, but sitting right on the Atlantic with natural environments nearer than most would think, it does have some awesome beaches with easy access by subway or bus. Water quality conditions are analyzed on a regular basis and reported online so you can pick and choose what’s a good fit for you on any given day.

Jones Beach is a family favorite. Yesterday we took the cousins and stayed the day. We bring boogie boards, rashguard shirts, sunscreen, an umbrella, lunch and enjoy the sand and waves for as long as we can.

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Last Weekend for Sterling Renaissance Festival


The Sterling Renaissance Festival is one of the best in genre for family entertainment. Over 100 stage and street performers, professional actors, comedians and musicians who recreate an authentic English Renaissance village to experience including jousting, comedy skits, sword swallowing, and tomato throwing at the poor man locked in the stocks.  
Join the merriment at the Pub Sing, Wench Auction and Trial & Dunke. Witness dozens of artisans demonstrating their fine craftsmanship and selling their unique wares. 
Come dressed for the occasion to get true enjoyment of the event.
Note: Food is not as fabulous at the event so you may want to pack a lunch. 


Day Trip to Bear Mountain

We took our first visit of many visits to Bear Mountain this week. The beauty of this park surprised all of us and the trip was a stellar day for everyone. A straight shot up the Palisades Parkway, the drive took us only an hour from the UWS.

Here is some info in case you’re interested in the trip…….
Bear Mountain (3006 Seven Lakes Dr; 845-786-2701, Vehicle entry fee $8). The area is rich in history and you can make a weekend trip of the immediate area around the park since there are lots of attractions.

The 5,067-acre (20.51 km2) park offers biking, hiking, boating, picnicking, swimming, cross-country skiing, cross-country running, sledding and ice skating. It also includes several facilities such as the Perkins Memorial Tower, the Trailside Museum and Zoo, the Bear Mountain Inn (closed for renovation these past years), a carousel, pool and skating rink.

On Hessian Lake you can rent a  paddle boat or row boat, and see the stunning scenery from the center of the lake. You can fish here in summer and winter – very cool for city kids!


The picnic grounds were clean and well supplied – there are enclosed barbecues you can use (bring your own charcoal) or you can bring your small grill – but the  best surprise of the day was the super-sized swimming pool set amidst the forest and the lovely rolling hills.


Leaving the sights and smells was hard, but we know we’ll be back soon!


Hiking the Trail

No, this is not a NYC trail.

The Bruce Trail in Southern Ontario has over 800 kilometers of main trails and an additional 200km of side trails that runs along the Niagara Escarpment between Niagara Falls and Tobermory.
This is Canada’s oldest and longest footpath and provides access to the magnificent Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, one of only 12 in all of Canada.
Great for family hikes as well as challenges for the more adventurous.

The Official Star Trek Convention

The Official Star Trek Convention returns to New York celebrate the 45th anniversary of Star Trek!

Wow. 45 years. I remember watching a slim and handsome William Shatner – James T Kirk – in the 70’s. I also liked Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard. “Make it so” and “tea, Earl Grey, hot” where my favorite taglines!  When that series ended, I lost touch with the franchise.

For those who have the need to reconnect, you have this weekend! Fri, Jun 24 – Sun, Jun 26 @ Hilton Hotel, Parsippany

Live long and prosper.

Stone Barns

Kind of odd to post the first entry of a NYC blog on a destination that is outside of NYC, but that’s where life took me today – outside NYC to the Potcantico Hills and Stone Barns.
Stone Barns is a non-profit, sustainable farm, educating the public about the food we eat. I learned that bees prefer brightly painted hives – they’re easier to find; chickens are very social and love the color red; and pigs, who don’t have sweat glands, prefer the forest where the tall trees and cool earth can provide some relief from the hot summer sun.
The farm livestock consists of Angus cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, and turkeys that are naturally fed and highly sought after for the Thanksgiving feast.