Release: VIM VIGOR DANCE presents World Premiere of SEPARATI

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY presents the World Premiere of Separati at Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center, 29 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, from January 28-30, 2016.  Performances: Thurs-Sat at 7:30pm. Tickets are $25 for general seating and are available at Dance Still

Separati, a new work by Shannon Gillen, in collaboration with the performers, features dancers Jason Cianciulli, Martin Durov, Laja Field, Lavinia Vago, and Emma Whiteley, set to original scores by Martin Durov in collaboration with Gillen, with costumes by Joey Blaha, set design by JC Machine and Tool company, and lighting design by Barbara Samuels. The running time is 60 minutes.  

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Off-Broadway Week

Off-Broadway Week

I know NY’ers usually get excited about Broadway week, when they can finally afford a night out to the Great White Way, but I’ve always found Off-Broadway Week to be far more exciting.

Off-Broadway gets you off your beaten path, into neighborhoods you might not otherwise visit in your regular routine. Love that.  These productions are lower budget, so if you’re a theatre enthusiast, they can be little more gratifying to see, IMHO. Lastly, they’re incredibly affordable at full price, so during Off-Broadway week, when they’re 1/2 off, they’re a steal! You can take in 3-4 and still not break the bank. Nice.
Off-Broadway Week runs February 17- March 2, 2014. Check out the deals here:
People’s Theatre Project, Live Your Life, November 23

People’s Theatre Project, Live Your Life, November 23

Looking for some theatre for your child to see that they can realte to? People’s Theatre Project‘s children’s program presents Live Your Life, an original play around healthy living and the power of imagination. 

Saturday, November 23 | 1-3:30pm
Word Up Community Bookshop
2113 Amsterdam Avenue
New York NY 10032
Tubby the Tuba narrated by Patti Smith

Tubby the Tuba narrated by Patti Smith

Dedicated to introducing children to the world of classical music, The Little Orchestra Society has been putting on family-friendly events for 65 years.

Tubby the Tuba, a childhood favorite of punk rock musician and National Book Award-winner Patti Smith, is a whimsical piece that tells the story of a plucky tuba out searching for a song all its own.

No doubt the adults will be getting something very different from this concert than their children, but both will enjoy it.

AT 11:00AM AND 1:00PM