Back to School Blues

New York City schools start next week. Like many kids, my children have mixed feelings about that. Two are excited to get back to their old schools, see friends and start the routine – school, hockey, soccer, etc. The eldest starts a new school and is anxious about making new friends, what the commute will be like and the work load.  So, to lessen the stress of the transition, we are filling the next few days with fun activities and “honey dos.”

  • Beach trip – Jones or Lake Welsh
  • Hair cuts. OK, not so much “fun” but necessary.
  • Bedroom refresh, which comes along with a trip to IKEA; that’s always a hit!
  • Prepping, eating and enjoying the season’s fresh veggies and fruit. That sounds odd but each child has their favs so I’m encouraging them to eat as much as possible when we’re “in season.”


  • Cleaning the car. We have a summer of sand and dust inside and out. Yeck.
  • Shoe shopping – camp did in their sneaker!

What do you do with your children to ease the transition back to school?