Halloween Extravaganza at St.John the Divine

Halloween Extravaganza at St.John the Divine

On Friday, October 25, St. John The Divine Cathedral invites brave souls to its annual Halloween Extravaganza and Procession of the Ghouls

After a screening of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), accompanied by live organ music, the Cathedral will be transformed by fantastical creatures of the night, created by Artist-in-Residence Ralph Lee and embodied by the Mettawee River Theatre Company—loping and scurrying down the Nave, leaving delightful fright in their wake.

Sounds awesome!


Friday, October 25, 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm
Tickets are $20.

Alamo Drafthouse Moves into UWS

Alamo Drafthouse Moves into UWS

Alamo Drafthouse is moving into the Upper West Side, and that’s a good thing for the Metro Theater, their new home.

Alamo Drafthouse is an ever growing entertainment lifestyle brand that is dedicated to keeping the movie-watching experience safe for movie fans, serving quality food and drinks, and upholding high presentation standards. Sounds promising for Upper West Siders.

Alamo Drafthouse touts itself the theater for movie fans by movie fans amd functions on a few principles will undoubtably resonate with this community:
– No unaccompanied kids at movies and only allow babies at select “baby day” screenings.
– A zero-tolerance policy towards talking and texting during the movie. If you talk or text, you will receive one warning. If it happens again, you will be kicked out without a refund. Yikes!
– They strive to be leaders in presentation quality.
– They support local breweries. This sounds fun…!
– They strive to serve quality, fresh-prepared food. Even more fun..!

They also strive to be good neighbors. Their goals for their biz on the UWS??
– Share the movies we love with as many people as possible.
– Be a community cultural center.
– Build an audience for classic, golden era cinema.
– Build an audience for foreign language films.
– Build a youth and collegiate cinephile audience.
All noble and good goals to aim for.

The Metro, an Art Deco landmark, has had numerous incarnations over the years and most recently developers announced plans for a shopping complex that never materialized. The facade is landmarked but the interior is not, which give the new tenant the opportunity to make the theaters and commons areas as fabulous as they like without having to jump through hoops with the city.

Hoping for good things from Alamo Drafthouse.

For the Benefit of All Beings

Last week I was invited to a screening of the documentary “For the Benefit of All Beings: The Extraordinary Life of His Eminence Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche“.
A quote from the promotional materials – “watching this film is the closest experience of Jesus Christ that I have ever had in my life.” – was intriguing enough to ensure my attendance.
I had nominal awareness of Garchen Rinpoche and certain no understanding of this man’s life experience. Before I saw the film, I Google the film title to get a better understanding of what I was about to experience. The documentary tells the story of a Tibetan lama who was recognized as a great reincarnation and enthroned at the age of seven. He went through extensive monastic training and was half-way through a traditional three-year retreat when the Communist Chinese Army invaded Tibet. Garchen Rinpoche took up arms against the Chinese, allowing the Dalai Lama to escape. He was subsequently imprisoned and tortured for 20 years during the prime of his life, age 22-42. Its like a Hollywood script, isn’t it?
What I learned from watching the film was far more profound and moving. In prison, Rinpoche met his root lama and practiced the Buddhist teachings in secret. Upon his release, he emerged a Realized Being – achieved through mindfulness meditation when the self is seen to be nonexistent, the human being is freed from narcissistic concerns — the source of suffering. In the following years, Garchen Rinpoche risked his life to help re-establish the Dharma in Tibet. Now, he teaches the path of transformation he relied upon in prison to audiences around the world. 

Even if buddhism is not your religion or a narrative of interest, you cannot help but be awed by Garchen Rinpoche’s story in the face of unthinkable adversity. He is the powerful embodiment of what can happen for any human being who unequivocally commits themselves to living For the Benefit of All Beings.
 And this film, directed, produced, filmed and edited by Christina Lundberg, is beyond a documentary. It is a love letter to Garchen Rinpoche’s followers, ensuring they and others understand how much benefit his legacy and blessings will bring to the world, long after he has passed away.


See it.

Learn more…. 
The theme song is White Tara Blessings, sung by Mercedes Bahleda.  

The screening was sponsored by Victoria and Michael Imperioli.