Macy’s Parade Balloon Inflation Night

Macys-Balloon-InflationFINALAn annual attraction of Upper West Siders and those beyond, the Macy’s Parade Balloon Inflation is a fun if not a bit chaotic event. Here are a few suggestions to make the experience better:

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NYC Area Beaches

Most people wouldn’t think of New York City as a beach city, but sitting right on the Atlantic with natural environments nearer than most would think, it does have some awesome beaches with easy access by subway or bus. Water quality conditions are analyzed on a regular basis and reported online so you can pick and choose what’s a good fit for you on any given day.

Jones Beach is a family favorite. Yesterday we took the cousins and stayed the day. We bring boogie boards, rashguard shirts, sunscreen, an umbrella, lunch and enjoy the sand and waves for as long as we can.

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Your Subway Ride is Going to Cost you More!

MTA fares are set to rise Monday, March 22, 2015. The increase
will make your commuting fare increase from $2.50 to $2.75.
Long Islander, don’t think you’re not going to feel this. LIRR and Metro-North are also set to rise by about 4.25% or less. Price hikes will vary from line to line.

Those in cars will also have to shell out more cash as tolls on MTA bridges and tunnels will jump from $7.50 to $8. E-ZPass drivers will have to spend $0.21 more with tolls rising to $5.54.

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WalkNYC Map System in New York City

WalkNYC Map System in New York City

New in Chinatown this week the city erected a street map kiosk, part of a new pedestrian map system, called WalkNYC, that will start with just four kiosks in lower Manhattan. The city Department of Transportation hopes to install up to 100 by the end of the year all over Manhattan, as well as in parts of Queens and Brooklyn. More maps will also be posted in high-traffic subway stations and along Select Bus Service routes to replace the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s current neighborhood maps.”There is a clear need for this system,” said Janette Sadik-Khan, the city’s Transportation commissioner, standing next to one of the gleaming black kiosks Monday afternoon. She noted that a recent survey found that one in three New Yorkers could not correctly identify north, and that at any given time, 10% of New Yorkers were lost. Never mind the tourists who struggle negotiating the streets of Manhattan.In the months to come, the city says it plans to install more signs in Manhattan at “key crossings” in Manhattan’s garment district; in Prospect Heights and Crown Heights in Brooklyn; and in Long Island City, Queens.The system is similar to a nine-year-old program in the U.K. called “Legible London” and was designed by with the help of British engineers. City officials said work was underway on a citywide map, the data of which will be made available to software engineers for smartphone app development. The full city map, which officials said will be more accurate than Google or other online maps, will be completed by the end of 2014.

Source Crains, 6/25/2013.

Subway Sketcher

I took a circuitous root home from work tonight and found myself on the south bound R train heading to Times Square.

The gentleman across from me was a teacher – some papers fell out of his notebook and as I picked them up of the subway floor for him, he made a remark about his students. He then pulled a fine black marker out of his jacket pocket, slowly and discreetly looked around the subway car, chose a subject, and started to sketch.

I love New York.