Fleet Week, May 20-26


I missed the parade up the river! I almost always see it – so frustrating.  If you missed it yesterday you can take a look at the pics other people snapped- check out #fleetweek on twitter (love @CBSNews Warshipedia graphic!)

The folks at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum have an amazing week of events and activities planned to celebrate and honor Memorial Day and the military, including presentations by NASA, interactive displays and demonstrations and the most coolest – movie night on the Intrepid! You can sit on the deck and watch Top Gun! Awesome!

If you’re too faint of heart to bear the lines for the tours of the various ships (free and open to the public through Memorial Day at Pier 92 (12th and 52nd) and Sullivans Pier on Staten Island), just wander along Hudson River Park for a great view.

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