Clinton, The Musical

Clinton, The Musical

As I was sitting in theatre 4 of the New World Stages waiting for the show to begin, I noticed that Oval Office set for Clinton, The Musical included portraits of Presidents but more intriguingly, nestled inside those portraits, in heart-shaped frames, where pictures of their mistresses.

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Off-Broadway Week

Off-Broadway Week

I know NY’ers usually get excited about Broadway week, when they can finally afford a night out to the Great White Way, but I’ve always found Off-Broadway Week to be far more exciting.

Off-Broadway gets you off your beaten path, into neighborhoods you might not otherwise visit in your regular routine. Love that.  These productions are lower budget, so if you’re a theatre enthusiast, they can be little more gratifying to see, IMHO. Lastly, they’re incredibly affordable at full price, so during Off-Broadway week, when they’re 1/2 off, they’re a steal! You can take in 3-4 and still not break the bank. Nice.
Off-Broadway Week runs February 17- March 2, 2014. Check out the deals here:
Brecht in the Park

Brecht in the Park

Brecht in the Park is 3 rarely-performed short plays by Bertolt Brecht.
To shake up the usual outdoor theatre fare offered in NYC, Elephant Run District is presenting Brecht in the Park.  Included in this presentation are three rarely-performed short plays – The Elephant Calf, In Search of Justice, The Exception and the Rule.  Each of the three short plays is connected by the motif of a courtroom drama, where society’s rules are examined and one is judged based on those rules. 

This imaginative production, directed by Aimee Todoroff, will fuse physical and political theatre, bringing these early 20th century works into the contemporary world of the Occupy Movement, Citizens United, Stop & Frisk actions and Stand Your Ground laws. It will feature masks and puppets created by Joe Osheroff, winner of three New York Innovative Theatre Awards in 2012. 

Performances:  Saturdays and Sundays, July 6 to 28 at 4 p.m. (no show July 13), near the southeast corner of the Great Hill in Central Park.
An additional performance will take place on Tuesday, July 23 at 7:30 p.m at the Brecht Forum, corner of West and Bank Streets.
Admission is free to all performances. Donations will gladly be accepted.
Off-Broadway Week Ticket Sale

Off-Broadway Week Ticket Sale

The team at NYC & Co has assembled some great partners for Off-Broadway Week – two weeks of great savings on some great shows.

My favorites on this list…
Blue Man Group
Avenue Q
In Acting Shakespeare
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
New World Stage theaters

and I could go on, but that’s would be silly. Take a look at the offerings and go!

January 28 – February 10.

The Flying Latke @TheFleaTheater

Yesterday morning Alison and I visited The Flea theater to see Arthur Yorink‘s  The Flying Latke, a tale of Chanukah celebrations, holiday dysfunction and the miracle of a soaring potato pancake.

The Flying Latke. Photo Crystal Arnette

Adapted by Yorinks from his children’s book, The Flying Latke tells the story of young Danny Silverstein and his family as they celebrate the first night of Chanukah. Danny, like most teens, is mortified by his crazy family- their quirks and their quarrels embarrass him so much that he’s painfully reticent to retell the tale that leads to their enlightenment. Thank goodness he works up the courage because the story is a scream and can’t help remind you of how important your family is, warts and all.

In this story a dispute over something as innocuous as the model of a car starts a food fight that sends a latke sailing out the window and over the city, causing a UFO frenzy that alerts the Air Force and the media. With the press camped out on their from lawn, the Silversteins hunker down in their home, with their extended family visiting, ’till the attention dies down. Here’s the catch- there is nothing left in the house to eat but latkes, and, in keeping with history of Chanukah, the latkes, of which there was enough for the one evening’s celebration, miraculously replenish to last for the eight days of self-imposed sequestration. The miracle latke-on-the-loose comes back on the eight day when the family has finally stopped bickering, and learns to respect each others thoughts and feelings.

The lesson wasn’t lost on my 6 year old and certainly the adults in the audience appreciated the amusing reminder of the tolerance required in any and all things family. Four thumbs up from Alison and I.

Alison and her new dreidel.

Don’t be afraid of off-Broadway mums and dads – at $12/ticket its a bargain and the most affordable family entertainment in the city. Note that this is a limited engagement- performances are on December 10,11 and 17th @ 11:00am.
When you order tickets, use code BLOG5 and get $2 off your ticket – that makes them only $10 each. Deal!

For more blog posts on The Flying Latke, visit MamaDrama.

Disclosure: I attended this performance, with complimentary ticketsprovided, as a reviewer and contributor on behalf of MamaDrama. The opinionsexpressed here are strictly my own.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

This morning my 3 and I went off to St. Luke’s Theatre to watch an 11:00 a.m. performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
Its always a tricky thing seeing seeing the play of a great book after you’ve seen a great movie of a great book. Expectations run high. 1 of my 3 had read the book, 2 of my 3 remembered the movies fondly, and the 3rd had a mild memory of it all but she just turned 6 and there are so many more important things to remember when you’re 6.
The films The Chronicles of Narnia (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005), Prince Caspian (2008)), directed by Andrew Adamson, were very well done – a lovely series of films. My anxiety was that my children would expect great production values from this 100 (?) seat house. So, that was a great start of the conversation to prepare their minds; what can we expect if the house is so small that there was no rake (the seats did not slope) and there were only 2 performers in the entire cast. It was a good conversation to have. Lots of great ideas were shared and expectations were adjusted appropriately.
In the 50 minutes it took to tell the tale, my 3 were riveted the entire time. Andrew Fortman (Peter) and Erin Layton (Lucy) did a great job – with no set, nominal props but great story telling skills – at taking us back and forth through the wardrobe, conveying the emotional ups and downs this adventure.

This creative theatrical experience garnered an eight thumbs up from this clan!