Downpour #NYC

It comes fast, with little warning, but after the rain has gone the city smells good.

I got this alert on the subway at 2:32pm. Everyone else in the subway car got the same alert. It was pretty funny – the whole car had cell phone alarms going off.  Thanks NYC OEM.










Once I got off the subway, this is what welcomed me. A crazy deluge of rain!

Linda McCartney: My Life in Photographs. An Exhibit on the Beatle’s Former Wife


This past weekend I took my 3 children to see Rain – On Broadway. Rain is a tribute to the Beatles. I feel it my obligation to ensure that they not only know this great music but also understand the affect this band left on our culture. The show seemed like a good place to start that education. Today, to continue the theme, I visited the Bonni Benrubi Gallery to view a retrospective photo exhibition of Linda McCartney.
Linda McCartney is best known for the intimacy and ease of her portraits. Her massive collection includes vintage photos of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Willem de Kooning, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and Michael Jackson. Linda and Paul McCartney had been married nearly 30 years when she died of cancer in 1998.  The exhibit accompanies the release of a book of the same name, published by Taschen.
It was a small but powerful exhibition – all pieces available for sale. The staff were helpful and generous in giving me as much information as I needed. They’ve an iPad that is loaded with her contact sheets from each of the shoots, adding to the context of the images hanging on the walls.
It was a wonderful experience. Go.
Bonni Benrubi Gallery , 41 E 57th @ Madison Ave., St # 1300, Jun 02 –  Jul 29