Spring Crafts Show on Columbus

Lots of street fairs and craft shows are starting up soon – always a good sign that warmer weather is around the corner. 
The Spring Craft on Columbus is one of my favorites. It takes place on the sidewalk next to the American Museum of Natural History on Columbus Avenue from 77th to 81st Street. Rows and rows of tents with great crafts, from ceramics to jewelry. Each weekend about 100 artisans exhibit and sell their own work. 

April 30/May 1, 2016
May 7/8, 2016
May 14/15, 2016 

Show hours
10 am – 6 pm Rain or Shine


NYC Thrift Shop Chic

NYC thrift store shopping tips…
Plan Ahead

Thrift shops are often located in clusters, so chart your course and tackle one neighborhood at a time. Housing Works, Salvation Army, and Goodwill have stores located throughout the city. The best merchandise is typically found in those located in or near affluent neighborhoods, or in those affiliated with high profile charities such as  
Michael Javelos and Leslie Case, Spence-Chapin Thrift Store
Spence-Chapin Services for Families and Children or Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Then look online for thrift store sites; many post special events and sales. City Opera Thrift  in Gramercy Park has annual Diva (evening gowns), Vintage, and Black & White sales throughout the year (see right). Housing Works lists happenings specific to various locations and also hosts online auctions. Memorial Sloan-Kettering periodically holds half-price days.

Before you head out, dress to shop so you can try on clothes without undressing. Wear shoes you can kick off, and never go barefoot. Some shops are dusty, so bring hand sanitizer. Since purchases are often bagged in plastic, carry a tote to hold your loot.