Cooper Hewitt Spinning Chairs

Cooper Hewitt Spinning Chairs

If you wander by 5th Avenue and 90st you can’t help but see Cooper-Hewitt’s beautiful lawn. Although we do visit the inside of the museum – the stunning Carnegie Mansion – last week we visited the outside of the museum. In particular we took the time to take a spin in the fabulously designed Spun Chair by Thomas Heatherwick and his team, Heatherwick Studio.

No charge to walk into the garden – entrance on 90th Street – and enjoy a spin or relax the shade.


To recover from our dizziness and always game to fully use any patch of grass, we enjoyed a game of running bases – there is always a ball in someone’s pocket!  Thankfully the guard was amenable 4 loud people enjoying the lawn!

Spence-Chapin Thrift Store Set to Close After 60 Years on Upper East Side

After more than six decades on the Upper East Side, the Spence-Chapin Thrift Store 
— which raises money for the nonprofit’s adoption organization of the same name  — is leaving
its 1473 Third Ave. space when its lease is up in June, after more than
10 years at that address. A second branch at East 96th Street and Second
Avenue closed a few years ago to make way for Second Avenue subway construction.

the last few years, the iconic shop has been running on a deficit, the
organization’s spokeswoman Leslie Case said. It could not compete with
larger nonprofits that can throw more administrative heft behind their
thrift stores, like Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center or the Salvation Army.

Time to get shopping….lots of great deals!

Spence-Chapin Thrift Store Set to Close After 60 Years on Upper East Side –